MAC Angels Can Help

​When a family receives the diagnosis of ALS, they are faced with an overwhelming array of questions, paperwork, medical advice, financial and logistical challenges, and life-altering changes. Conventional health care does not begin to address the complexity of these needs.

This is where MAC Angels Foundation steps in to fill a void in services.

Our Support Program includes:

  • Home visits by our Services Director
  • Honest dialogue about disease progression
  • Guidance and emotional support
  • Consultation with a Licensed Clinical Social Worker to help families navigate the healthcare system
  • Informing families about options regarding advanced healthcare directives
  • Assisting families in creating a support system of family and friends
  • Arranging for transportation and accompanying families to clinic appointments
  • Loaner closet with wheelchairs, Hoyer lifts, hospital beds and other durable medical equipment
  • Monthly Narrative Writing workshop for caregivers​

We’re here to help. Our experience has provided us with the unique insight into your families’ needs as you navigate your journey through ALS. Please reach out to us so we may help your family to the best of our ability.

Looking for durable medical equipment? We may have what you need in our loaner closet. Just ask

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