Our Mission

The mission of MAC Angels Foundation is to enhance the quality of life for individuals, family members and caregivers impacted daily by ALS, by providing the compassion, education and unique resources needed to manage the devastating effects of this disease.​

Our History


It all started with Mary Ann Collier, a selfless and spiritual woman with an unmatched passion for helping others. She dedicated much of her life to serving those in need, particularly the terminally ill.

Mary Ann Collier passed away suddenly in 1999. As a way of celebrating her life, and continuing her legacy of giving, in 2000 the Mary Ann Collier Foundation was launched by her family. The Foundation raised more than $1.3 million in 10 years, providing significant funding and support to those charities and causes that were so close to her heart.

The Foundation’s course was forever changed when Mary Ann’s daughter-in-law Claire was diagnosed with ALS. The Mary Ann Collier Foundation shifted its efforts to helping Claire stay at home with her family, and providing her with the greatest care possible. In addition, Claire’s large circle of family and friends banded together to form the Friends of Claire Foundation, providing unparalleled support for Claire and her family during her courageous battle against ALS.

Claire was determined to live with a sense of calm and sense of humor. She was also on a mission to raise awareness of the many issues surrounding ALS, and the impact it can have on patients, family members and caregivers. Claire’s courageous efforts to live with ALS ended in 2009. It was through her journey that we learned of the emotional, educational and financial support needed to manage ALS. One of Claire’s dying wishes was to continue the mission to help others with ALS and the many hardships that surface with the disease.

In 2010, MAC Angels Foundation was founded.

Mary Ann Collier

Claire Gormley Collier

Claire Collier and Family