Michelle Tucker
RN, BSN, FCCS, BCPA – Patient Advocate

Michelle is registered nurse with over 15 years of critical care nursing experience. She has worked in a wide variety of care settings, including the Cardiac ICU and as a Rapid Response Nurse. She is a Board-Certified Patient Advocate.

As a Patient Advocate, Michelle works tirelessly to assist families to get the outcomes they deserve from the healthcare system. She helps families understand their medical options, assist at the bedside in dire medical situations, and assist with overall care management. As a Patient Advocate, I use all my years as a highly trained nurse to help families through difficult situations.

Michelle provided the hospice care for her grandfather in her home while caring for her young children. She is keenly aware of the difficulty in being a caregiver, family member and still having to care for all the other necessities of life.

Michelle is a married mother of two children. She loves to workout, teach, and spend time with family.