Cindy Keyser-Posner

Cindy is a medical social worker with more than twenty-six years of experience working with underserved and under-recognized populations on Long Island and in New York City.  With a passion for empowering others and a strong commitment to patient rights and self-determination, as well as promoting quality of life for the family as a whole, Cindy has been privileged to focus her work on individuals and loved ones impacted by ALS since 2013. 

In addition to her tenure within the ALS community, Cindy has a broad experiential background, having worked with those struggling with HIV and AIDS, severe persistent mental illness, cognitive challenges, chemical dependency, traumatic brain injury, myriad cancer diagnoses, and terminal illness – most often within impoverished and undervalued communities.  Additionally, she was fortunate to have had the opportunity to spend more than thirteen years advocating for those whose physical and mental health issues, as well as life circumstances of poverty and disenfranchisement, contributed to their involvement with the criminal justice system.  Her steadfast goal has remained to facilitate the best possible outcomes, as her patients and clients define them, for all with whom she works.

Raised on Long Island in a family where service to others was modeled daily, Cindy commenced her community involvement in 1990 as a crisis intervention and suicide outreach counselor, an amazing and rewarding experience which led to her decision to pursue a degree in the social work field, in hopes of helping to positively impact the lives of those most in need.

A proud alumnus of the progressive Graduate School of Social Welfare at The State University of New York at Stony Brook, Cindy lives on Long Island with her incredibly supportive husband, Rob, with whom she loves to attend concerts and travel.  A professional musician and songwriter, when she is not working, Cindy and her writing partner can be found in their studio, composing and recording.