How We Help

Our goal at MAC Angels is to help families live with ALS, and complement the services and support offered by other organizations

 – not duplicate them.  We become part of your team.


We do not have a set menu of services that we offer.  We meet with your family and listen to what is happening and what you need – and then we explore how we can help…that is the beginning of a long and ongoing relationship.


Some of the ways we have been of assistance are:

- Helping a family connect to mental health providers.

- Helping families with raising funds.

- Enabling a PALS to write for a professional website so they can realize her goal of being productive.

- Helping families get organized, navigate the health Care system and connect to providers and resources.

- Helping families create and maintain a support network among friends, families and even people they don’t know.

 -Transporting and accompanying people to clinic appointments, who would have no way of getting there without us.

- Helping someone figure out how to care for their animals.

- Setting up an eye gaze device.

- Buying a new TV for an ALS patient living in a nursing home.

- Handling all the logistics for a family so they could attend their son’s college graduation.

- Finding a doctor who makes house calls.

- Getting prescriptions filled.


At MAC Angels, we listen very closely to what is happening in your life and most importantly, listen to what your goals are.

Everything we do is in service to your goals.

Programs & Workshops

We offer monthly narrative medicine workshops for ALS caregivers.

Narrative Medicine is an emerging interdisciplinary field at the intersection of the humanities and medicine.


In a small participatory workshops we examine experiential narratives such as poems or short prose excerpts and then write reflectively for about 5 minutes on themes generated by the discussion.


Participants then volunteer to share their writing with the group in a safe and confidential environment and gain:


- An opportunity to give voice to their particular experience of care giving an atmosphere of respectful listening


- An opportunity to talk, read, write together and form a community to make  meaning of the lived experience of

  care giving for someone with ALS


- An understanding of how health, illness and disability experiences affect themselves, their families and communities


Narrative Workshop held every fourth Tuesday of the month at

Burke Rehabilitation in White Plains in Billings room 202 from 6:30-8pm

Contact Ellen DiCicco for more information at or call 914.637.7010



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