What PALS, CALS & ALS Clinicians are saying about the MAC Angels Foundation….



The MAC Angels Foundation has been a tremendous resource for our family. We consider the MAC Angels team to be an extended family. It’s comforting to know that we can reach out to them at any time for compassionate, personal support.


- The Petrone Family, Connecticut



My family and I are forever grateful. You helped ease the experience that is ALS in so many ways for my sister Shannon and our whole family. Thank you for all you do. And it is a lot! With Love and Respect,


- Nancy S. McKay, New York




Thank you so much - you guys are amazing!

- a CALS in Connecticut


We are touched at the support from MAC Angels. A move is a big event for any family, but it's a bit more complicated logistically and emotionally for ours. The fact that people have rolled up their sleeves and provided real hands on help is so appreciated. MAC Angels has brought positive energy and progress to what could otherwise be a stressful situation.


Thanks again,

- Jenny and Scott Anderson, Connecticut



You have been an "angel" already....thank you so much for all the great info...


- a PALS in Connecticut



Thanks again … you truly are a great help and a fantastic resource.

- ALS clinician at a New York ALS clinic



My family and I are forever grateful for the kindness and support that MAC Angels provided during my mother's courageous battle with ALS. From the first introduction to MAC Angels I knew that there would be help in many forms that could assist my mother.


The direction to resources and continuous communication and guidance were extremely beneficial and allowed me to be able to properly provide care for my mother. MAC Angels played an essential role in providing support that went above and beyond my expectations.


We are so blessed that MAC Angels came into the life of my family when we needed them the most.


- Christine Coyle, New York




I am having trouble finding appropriate words to thank MAC Angels for all that you have given to my family.


This evening as we drove home from our son’s college graduation, my husband and I agreed that without your help, there is no way we could have managed to get through the past two days. Following the emotional burden of my father's unexpected hospitalizations and rather sudden death a week ago, and given my husband’s ALS-related needs, planning how we could attend the various events to honor and celebrate with our son was certainly more than I could accomplish.


It was important to our son that his father attend the graduation, and because of your caring and support, we were able to be present in a way that would not have been possible otherwise.


Between the hotel room you gave us that saved us from driving back and forth to Connecticut Tuesday and Wednesday and allowed me to spend time with our son while my husband rested, and the thoughtful provision of rain gear for Grad Alley; from the rides to and from Yankee Stadium both for us and for my mother, and the attentive updates on transportation from MaryAnn to keep us calm and connected; and not least of all due to the kindest possible greeting and treatment from Joe as we arrived and he settled us in at the stadium, you allowed us to enjoy our son’s graduation feeling like absolute royalty, and I was thrilled to be able to focus on his accomplishment rather than on how we would manage each next step of the way.


All of this on top of providing information, resources, and encouragement, and helping with the construction of our wheelchair ramp. If ever there was a foundation that fulfilled its mission, I'd say MAC Angels is it.


Julie providing me information about patient advocates and palliative care teams while my dad was in the hospital had nothing to do with my husband’s ALS, but everything to do with caring for our family. It was at least as important as her helping me to get my "Lots a Helping Hands" network started, for which I am also grateful.


Claire Collier must have been an amazing woman to have left behind such a wonderfully dedicated group of friends -- truly angels -- who pass on their love for her as compassion towards other families going through the same struggle. I hope someday to also pay forward the kindness and generosity you have shown to us in this difficult time in our lives


With much love and appreciation,

- Wife of PALS in Connecticut



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